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Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy

  • If a student chooses to bring their cell phone to school, he/she will be asked to “park” their cell phone an assigned cell phone pocket holder for the day.  
  • The cell phone will be retrieved during homeroom at the end of the day.  
  • If a faculty/staff member sees a student’s cell phone, s/he will confiscate it and give it to the Administration. 
  • Cell phones taken from students will be returned to the parents in the main office.
  • When calls are necessary during the school day, students are to obtain permission to use the telephone in the office from both their classroom teacher and the school administrative assistant. 
  • Messages will be delivered to students during the day in the event of an emergency

The above school policy will be upheld in our middle school with absolute consistency.

Updated:  August 2022

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