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Technology Policy

Use this page to find technology resources, links, forms, and information our our
St. Isidore Project for Internet Safety.

Technology Links and Forms

New Technology Policy

This can also be found on the website Parents page:

Video overview of our technology policy*:

Parental consent form for technology policy*:

Device Registration Form

For students wishing to bring in their own devices:

Online Form for Cyberbullying & Inappropriate Use of Technology

For students and parents:

*=Parents (grades 4-8)  are required to view this video, which explains the policies and procedures as they relate to technology, and electronically sign the parental consent form for technology before their child(ren) will be able to use technology at StMM. Please e-mail with any questions related to the technology policy, or if you would like to set up an in-person meeting to discuss the policy before you sign the consent form.

In the fall of 2012, a survey was given to all 6-8th graders at St. Mary Magdalene School as a part of our annual Internet Awareness Week. Used as a kickoff for yearlong education and lessons in the responsible use of technology, this survey was intended to help students think more deeply about their experiences online, specifically regarding the topic of cyberbullying. The results of the survey opened many eyes to the experiences of so many of our middle schoolers. In overwhelming numbers they shared how difficult their lives with technology are for them, and how they need help navigating the stressful, and often hurtful situations that they see often.

Check out our online presentation with survey results here (

After analyzing the survey data, a small task force of interested middle schoolers and StMM staff was formed. The goal was to create a program that could help students, parents, and staff work together proactively with the goal of educating each other on the realities of our Internet-based interactions, so that teachers and parents understand and know how to work together with their children. Most programs look to resolve issues after a problem occurs, and this is important. However, it is just as important, if not more important, to try to prevent the issue in the first place, to give students and families tools they can use. After a few meetings, the St. Isidore Project was born.

Families who are interested in making the topic of Internet Safety a priority in their homes can take this pledge, which means we will all work together to teach our children responsible use of technology, and how to handle situations that make make it difficult to work online. Participation is never mandatory, but a strong sense of community involvement will help our students understand the importance of good digital citizenship.

St. Isidore Online Pledge form:

If you are a parent, community member, or educator interested in bringing the St. Isidore Project closer to your family or school, please e-mail for more information!

Technology Resources

Schoolwide Programs
Students are instructed on how to change passwords for their programs. Passwords can always be reset, but this may take up to one school day depending on when the reset is needed. ​

StMM Technology Blog Page
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RenWeb for StMM

Sign into RenWeb Student Account with your Student ID number and password.
RenWeb is primarily used for class lesson plans, homework, grades, lunch and financial notices, behavior, and school wide information. ∙

Watch this video to help you log into RenWeb:

Moodle for StMM ­ Login Page

https://stmm­ ∙
This is the link you will use to log into Moodle. Use your student ID number and the password you were given in class. ∙
Click on "My Courses" to find your class pages.
Moodle allows teachers to post files, resources, web links, and documents for student use in a logical, organized format.
Teachers may also choose to utilize assignment and assessment features.
Please note that because Moodle is tied to our RenWeb accounts, using, or will not work for logging in and connecting to your classes. ∙

Several tutorial videos may help you when getting started with Moodle:
​Video 1: Logging In -
​Video 2: Introduction to Moodle -
​Video 3: Submitting an Assignment in Moodle -

Google Drive for StMM

Google Drive gives our students the ability to create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with teachers. It is web­based and secure through our domain,
Login with your and the password you were given in class.

Several tutorial videos may help you when getting started with Google Drive:
​Video 1: Logging in and Introduction to Google Drive -

Typing Tutor (

​​ lets you work on keyboarding skills from anywhere with an Internet connection - with no downloads or special software needed. Some grades will be assigned long-term (quarterly) keyboarding work to login and practice from home. 

Login with your student ID number + initials and the password you were given in class.

Example username: 1202035ac (student ID number first + initials)