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For the Love of Reading

February 10, 2017
By Mrs. Colleen Carter

We all know that one of the most important parts of a child’s education is when they learn to read.  How exciting for a child to read their first book by themselves.  Sadly though, after awhile, that excitement tends to wear off.  Reading doesn’t seem so “awesome” anymore and some kids actually complain of reading being dull or boring.

It’s important that we step in and make sure that our kids stay interested in reading.  There are many ways that we can keep reading exciting for our kids.  The first thing we can do is be enthusiastic about reading.  Being a good listener when children read aloud is important to them.  Equally important is taking the time to read to our children.  Every day, parents should read at least one book (or several chapters in a book).  Remember also that reading doesn’t just have to take place at bedtime.

We also want to model what good reading looks like for our children.  If children see their parents enjoying reading, they will also develop a love of reading.

Keeping reading interesting and exciting is just part of the equation.  We also need to encourage our kids to read.  With all of the other activity choices that kids have, they need encouragement to chose reading over other things.  Scholastic Books offers ideas to keep kids motivated to read.

The following are things we can do to encourage independent reading both at home and at school.

  1. Make sure there are plenty of books for kids to read.
  2. Designate a time for your child to read daily.
  3. Create incentives to read.
  4. Connect story choices to real life events.
  5. Discuss the text read with your child once they have finished.
  6. Make it about reading choices.  Don’t just read storybooks.  Read magazines, how-to-guides etc.
  7. See a movie about a book your child has read.

Reading will always be a necessity to not only ourselves, but to our children.  Reading skills need to be practiced regularly.  Whatever it takes, let’s enjoy reading and get books into our children’s hands whenever we can.


Colleen Carter teaches 3rd grade and has been at StMM for 4 years.   She has worked in Elementary Education for 13 years.  She has her BS and MS in Elementary Education.