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The Learning Car

February 22, 2017
By Mrs. Lydia Binanay

Gone are the days of playing outside after school until dinnertime. Times have changed. Children now spend their afternoons at after-school activities and completing homework while parents play the role of chauffeur.

So when do we study those math facts or work on fine motor skills and how can we make more time for outdoor play? One solution is The Learning Car. The average American spends 101 minutes per day in the car. Imagine if each of those minutes were used to enhance your child’s learning! If they did all their studying in the car, then maybe they COULD play outside before dinner.

Here are some things you can practice safely while driving:

For younger kids:

-Practice looking for letters of the alphabet or numbers on signs and license plates.

-Phonemic Awareness Games: “I’m thinking of an animal that starts with the “B” sound…”

-Counting (up to 100, skip counting, backwards)

-Practice adding and subtracting (using flashcards or just orally)

-I spy

-Audiobooks for reading comprehension

-Fine motor skills: have a bag that includes lacing cards, clipboard with a pencil attached, stickers, perhaps a snap/zip/button board)

-Library book bag (if they don’t suffer from motion sickness)

For older kids:

-Oral word problems for math

-Math facts: multiplication and subtraction

-Poetry and prayer recitation using voice memo on your phone or orally

-Spelling words orally or using an app or even a dry erase boards

-Audiobooks for reading comprehension

-Look for license plates with different states and name their capitols.

-Dissecting/diagramming sentences (name the verb/noun/predicate, etc of this sentence…)

-Recorder (this is for the brave, patient souls)

Enjoy enhancing your child’s learning while getting them here, there and yon. Enjoy the fresh air before dinner and don’t forget to ask about their day!

Lydia Binanay is a mother of three Catholic schoolchildren (one being a preschooler, herself) who currently teaches in the Pre-K-3 classroom at St. Mary Magdalene in Apex, NC
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