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Avoid Brain Drain Over the Summer

July 19, 2017
By Mrs. Nikki Curliss

In an article on avoiding the summer slump, The Washington Post reports that The National Summer Learning Association, says kids lose as much as two to three months of math and reading skills over the summer. Yikes!

What can parents do to help? Get to know your child.  Enjoy some relaxed time and just play with your child. Enjoy the down time with less running around. Find out what your child enjoys.

If she enjoys reading, take her to the library so she can pick out travel books before the family vacation. Does she enjoy cooking? Pick out cookbooks and have the child plan, budget, shop and make dinner. Want to work on math skills? Invite neighborhood kids to create a lemonade stand and run a business.

In addition to games and activities, here are some online resources. Just make sure you are keeping a close eye on what your child is doing online.

Web Resources for Online Learning: : articles, worksheets, tips for preschool – high school math, reading, puzzles, games $$ preschool-high school, math, languages, study skills, a global classroom, k-8th games, activities, lessons for elementary and middle school computer training, technology, lessons, career, and life lessons free summer reading program for all age

  • Fun and Interactive Ideas and Games:
  • Deck of cards: used as flashcards/game of war
  • Sidewalk chalk to write out math problems, spelling words
  • Library programs, free books, audio books
  • Museum programs
  • Board games: Yahtzee, Boggle, etc
  • License plate game: addition, subtraction, math and states
  • Crafts for fine motor skills
  • Workbooks: inexpensive books at 5 Below
  • Kids cook night: theme nights learn about different countries
  • Daily journals about summer vacation
  • Volunteer programs and community service
  • Research High Schools for future visits
  • Parks programs: visit parks, register for programs
  • A-Z games: items in the grocery store
  • Missing items games
  • Plant a garden

Nikki Curliss, Guidance Counselor, has been at StMM for 5 years. She enjoys spending time helping students one-on-one and with whole classroom lessons.