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Why StMM?

January 08, 2018
By Mrs. Lydia Binanay

It’s that time of year again. Re-enrollment/Enrollment. Time to recommit to StMM for next year or time to choose StMM as your new school. Every year we have to ask ourselves, “Why StMM”? These days there are many options for school: secular or religious private school, traditional or year round public school, charter school, homeschool, etc. Why did you choose StMM?

    Before the “Why” you have to remember the “How”. You had to consider a number of pluses and minuses. You, perhaps, made a checklist or even a spreadsheet. Or maybe you didn’t but you kept all this info in the back of your head. Here are some things you considered:

-commute time
-bus/walk/carpool options
-school lunch/food policy
-AG program
-exceptional student accommodations
-extra curriculars (clubs, scouts)
-uniforms/dress code
-homework policy
-how you feel when you walk in
-how your kid feels when they walk in
-accessibility of staff/teachers/admin (communication)
-volunteer opportunities/requirements
-admin presence (do you see them ever?)
-religious freedom
-class size
-school size
-safe environment

After you took all that info into account, you had to ask yourself, “What is most important to me?” That one thing should outweigh all other aspects of school choice. It should outweigh all the minuses. It should be a huge plus. What was your #1 reason for choosing StMM?

I know why my family first chose StMM. I know why we continue to choose StMM year after year. We choose it for the people. Yes, StMM has great academics, fun clubs, various sports teams, a strong religious presence, cute uniforms, a safe environment, skilled teachers, involved administrators, lots of volunteer opportunities and a generous, service-oriented environment. But that’s not why we choose StMM. For us, it’s all the people that make up StMM: the kids, the parents, the teachers, the administrators, the office and church staff, the coaches, Father Staib and YOU. YOU help make StMM the great village that we need in order to raise our children to be great people. YOU make this school our home. YOU are our #1 reason for choosing StMM.

Why do YOU choose StMM?

Steps to help you decide:

Things to consider:,8599,2089618,00.html

Private vs. public

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