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It shall be the purpose of the St. Mary Magdalene School Athletic Program to promote and develop good sportsmanship by example, to support team building, and the spirit of competition that reflects the values of the Catholic Church and St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School.

• An athlete must have both a physical and a signed permission form on file in the school office to participate in sports each school year.

• A non-refundable participation fee is charged for each sport.  Currently the fee is $100 per sport.

• Students in grades 6, 7, or 8 are eligible to participate in sports. If a team can’t be created due to the lack of players, fifth grade students may participate.

• A student may participate in only one sport per season unless arrangements are made between coaches.

• An athlete is chosen to be a member of a team solely basis of his/her ability demonstrated during tryouts.

• Playing time is earned.  There is no minimum playing time.  The TCSAC is a competitive league.

• The principal has the discretion to remove or suspend any athlete from a team due to academic/behavior problems. A conference will be held with the athlete’s parents before any action is taken.  The principal will check the grades on a weekly basis.  If a student has a "D" or "F" or "U" in any class; that student will receive a warning and the parent will be notified.  If the grade does not improve, the student will be suspended for three weeks (practice and games).

• If a player is absent from school or attends school for less than 3.5 hours, he/she is not allowed to participate in a scheduled practice or game on the day in which he/she is absent.

• An athletic candidate must support their Saint Mary Magdalene Team above all other teams and non-school related activities. Any member of a StMM sports team who misses a practice or game to attend another team’s practice or game will be suspended for one game. If a second game is missed, the player will be removed from the team. Coaches may override this policy only after consulting with the principal.


See the Athletics Handbook for the detailed guidelines.

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