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St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School is a community that proclaims the gospel by our dedication to quality instruction while fostering our commitment to the needs of others.



At St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School, our commitment to our families is:

  • Our school will seek to provide opportunities for our students and faculty to develop and foster a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Our students will be challenged each day through rigorous instruction and mentoring to reach their maximum potential spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.
  • Our students will receive an outstanding and well-rounded education in all subjects that will have them prepared for their futures. We seek to create lifelong learners in our students.
  • Our school will provide each student with opportunities to be involved in a variety of activities on our campus outside of the classroom.
  • Our school will provide our faculty with opportunities to grow professionally and personally in their vocation as Catholic school educators through professional development in their content area(s) and opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Our school will provide a warm and welcoming environment where all parents and families can contribute to the success of our school by partnering with the faculty through community involvement, outreach, and supporting the mission and vision.
  • Our school will actively provide meaningful outreach opportunities for all students, faculty, and families to be engaged in giving back to our community locally and globally. Through these outreach opportunities, our students will learn the value and importance of the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching. 

We look forward to partnering with all our students, faculty, and families to uphold these commitments.