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The mission of the School Advisory Committee (SAC) is to support the goals of the administration by ensuring that StMM remains in the forefront of Catholic education.  The committee is made up of members of the school, church, and community who have experience in budget development, public relations, marketing, and short and long term planning.  The SAC meets a minimum of four times a year, with the sub-committees meeting outside the regularly scheduled meetings, to plan and present their findings to the SAC.

The SAC and its sub-committees play a critical role in ensuring that each child’s spiritual and academic needs are developed to the fullest while keeping a healthy and safe learning environment.

2023-2024 SAC Committee members

Angela Malfeo-Chairperson
Mike Fedewa-Vice Chairperson
Lanelle Hunter
Brian Jodice
Dan Jukic
Kevin Machos
Bob Miller
Angela Murray
Elizabeth Nelli
Mike O'Rourke
Ryan Schoendorf
Ryan Vulcan

Thank you for serving our StMM Community!

Contact the School Advisory Committee by emailing

SAC encourages parents to submit ideas and feedback for possible discussion at committee meetings.  We welcome thoughtful commentary regarding the broad scope of matters which affect all areas of our school, or large segments such as the middle school, etc.  Please continue to contact your child's teacher or a staff member with any class or grade-specific questions or concerns.

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