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Welcome to St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School!

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School was established in the summer of 1999 and opened its doors in the fall of 2000.  In the ensuing years, our dynamic school community has made our campus a warm, engaging, and safe place to learn.

Our mission. "We Pray, We Learn, We Care", can be seen throughout our campus in many ways.  From our outdoor prayer and reflection space, to the daily Masses held in our chapel, the StMM mission statement is an attitude that permeates every aspect of our students' daily experiences.

The StMM staff is dedicated to providing exceptional spiritual and academic instruction for all of our students.  Since StMM's founding, our faculty and staff have tailored the Diocesan curriculum to the high caliber of students that attend our school.  This accelerated instruction philosophy allows students to work toward the completion of at least one year of high school math.  This acceleration carries into other subjects as well; more than 40% of our eighth graders are inducted into the National Junior Honor Society each year.  Using a diverse range of traditional and current teaching methods, we make it a top priority to teach each student as an individual.

Learning extends to the arts as well.  Students are invited to join the band in fourth grade, and continue their education in the arts into the upper middle school years in specialized elective courses.  Our second grade, fourth grade and band classes participate in the annual Christmas Pageant.  In the spring, over 100 students perform at our band concert.  Middle school hand bell ringers participate in our worship at Mass, and student art can be seen throughout the facility.

Prayer and our Catholic faith are an integral part of our school day.  As a school community, we come together each morning and afternoon with a school-wide prayer.  Additionally, the entire school celebrates Mass weekly and regularly includes students as readers, gift bearers, and altar servers.  School-wide Lenten and Advent prayer services are also part of our faith traditions.

Together with their academic and spiritual values, our students also proclaim their living faith through a commitment to serve in the school and community.  Each grade participates in service projects throughout the year, such as the local Brown Bag Ministry, food drive for Catholic Parish Outreach, or pet supply drive for Wake SPCA.  These projects are managed by our seventh and eighth grade students.

StMM is proud of its accomplishments and our students are equally successful in other areas.  Our sports teams accumulated 36 league or tournament championships in our first 15 years.  Also, our students have been successful at the local, regional, and state levels through our many academic clubs and in competitions such as Science Olympiad, Math Counts, and Chess Team.

We invite you to learn more about St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School.  Our successes are many and the future is bright.  Come join us.

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