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Academic Resources

St. Mary Magdalene offers the following academic support for our students.

Resource Teachers

One full-time and one part-time faculty members work with students in reading and math in kindergarten through eighth grade.  Students are referred to these teachers on an as-needed basis.


We offer a three-day elective for 7th and 8th grade students led by our resource teachers.  Students in GOSH receive individual and small-group test preparation, homework help and study skills lessons.  Students must be invited to enroll in GOSH.

Curriculum Assistance

Curriculum Assistance is offered one day a week in 5th grade and two days a week in 6th grade.  CA is led by our resource teachers.  Students must be invited to enroll in CA.  


Many of our teachers are available after school for individual tutoring or group help sessions.

Speech and OT

Parents contract directly with a provider that will work with the classroom teachers and pull children from class for therapy.  All providers must be Level C through the Safe Environment process.

  Name Title Contact
Tracy Carbone Carbone, Tracy Resource Teacher 919-657-4800
Patricia Schiff Schiff, Patricia Resource Teacher 919-657-4800