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The Guidance Counselor at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School provides short-term individual and small group guidance lessons that address academic and personal success. The Counselor provides classroom guidance lessons that include respect, bullying, conflict resolution/problem solving, study skills/test taking skills, and character education.  Communication between the Guidance Counselor and parents is vital. If you have a concern about your child, please call or email.

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Nikki Curliss Curliss, Nikki Guidance Counselor 919-657-4800
Time Management
09/28/2016 11:16 AM CST

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. By Abraham Lincoln

What is the best way to make tomorrow run smoothly? Start planning for it today!  The night before can be a good time to set out clothes for the next day, pack the backpack and have it ready by the door, have the lunches ready to go, and look over the calendar for the next day. A family calendar should include all events and build in plenty of time for travel and transition. Children need time to prepare to transition. According to the book, What Kindergarten Teachers Know, by Lisa Holewa and Joan Rice, a schedule should not be so rigid that it doesn’t allow for hiccups along the way, but it should include the things you value. Teachers who were interviewed commented on how children can be too stimulated with activity after activity and they don’t know how to handle time on their own.

Time Management can be one of the best life lessons learned. When it comes to school work, students can benefit from using a color-coding system on folders, strategies to organize school supplies and strategies to organize study and homework time.  For large projects and tests, students benefit from backward planning and breaking down large assignments into smaller chunks.

Some tips to time management are:

  • Use one calendar for all activities and keep it somewhere where everyone in the family can see it.

  • Plan ahead by scanning ahead a few days to keep track of any schedule conflicts.

  • Set up routines at home. Work with your family to determine the best routine for homework, chores, dinner, and free time.

  • Plan ahead for mealtime and schedule time for the family to spend time together.

  • Create a homework space with adequate supplies.

Please join the Guidance Counselor and fellow parents to learn more about time management tips. The next Guidance Counselor Coffee is Tuesday, March 25 at 8am in the Adult Room.

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