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The Guidance Counselor at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School provides short-term individual and small group guidance lessons that address academic and personal success. The Counselor provides classroom guidance lessons that include respect, bullying, conflict resolution/problem solving, study skills/test taking skills, and character education.  Communication between the Guidance Counselor and parents is vital. If you have a concern about your child, please call or email.

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Nikki Curliss Curliss, Nikki Guidance Counselor 919-657-4800
How to Make It A Great School Year
09/28/2016 11:18 AM CST

Based on Tips for Parents by the National Association of School Psychologists

The beginning of a new school year can be challenging and stressful for both students and parents. Transitioning from a summer schedule to a school routine can take some time. Parents can help children adjust to the new schedule by providing structure and encouraging organization.

Start the night before. Make sure the backpack is ready and at the door. Have snacks and lunches ready to be packed. Even though the students wear uniforms they can still lay out their clothes to help the morning go more smoothly.

Review all information sent from the school. Read important emails and notes sent from the teacher. Spend time reviewing the work being sent home in the Tuesday folder. Write down important due dates and school activities. Please check the school calendar for additional information.

Turn off the TV and electronics. In the morning, encourage your child to read, color, or listen to music instead of watching TV or searching social networking sites. By starting off the morning with more calming activities, the student will transition better into the school day.

Set up a homework station at home. Help your child select a place at home designated for homework. Equip the area with needed supplies and space.

Get to know your school. As a parent, find out about ways to get involved and volunteer in your child’s classroom. Encourage your child to meet friends at the school’s sporting events, chess team, and other academic clubs.

Keep it positive. Encourage your child to be grateful for the wonderful school community with teachers and staff who care about your child. If your child is feeling anxious, validate their feelings and listen to their concerns. Encourage your child to speak to the teachers or guidance counselor for support. Role model a positive attitude and focus on finding solutions to any difficulties.

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