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Used Uniform Store

The PSO operates a Used Uniform Store in the downstairs lobby of our school building, near the Media Center. Purchases can be paid for by cash or check in the school office.

The PSO gladly accepts uniform donations to stock the store. Donations can be dropped off in the school office. 

Prices for used uniforms are as follow:

$7   Knit Polo Shirt - Short/Long Sleeve
$4   Girls's Blouses - Short/Long Sleeve   
$4   Mock Turtleneck                                 
$10  Skirt - Plaid/Khaki                                
$10  Plaid Skort                                        
$10  Plaid Jumper                                       
$10  Polo Dress - Short/Long Sleeve         
$10  Sweaters or Sweater Vests              
$7   Capris                                                 
$6   Khaki Pants - Girls/Boys                    
$7   Khaki Shorts - Girls/Boys                  
$4   PE T-Shirt - Short/Long Sleeve        
$5   PE Shorts                                          
$5   PE Cotton Sweatshirts                       
$5   PE Cotton Sweatpants                       
$11  Olympian Trek Jacket                          
$13  Olympian Trek Pants                        
$11  Fleece Vest                                         
$14  Fleece Jacket