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Sarah Capobianco
Sarah Capobianco
Teacher Assistant
Phone: 919-657-4800 x1101
Groups: School

Sarah Capobianco is a 3rd Grade Teacher's Assistant. This is her third year as a TA at StMM. Mrs. Capobianco and her husband Michael have three cats: Fiona, Cashmere, and Loki. Her mother is Mrs. Davidson-Dyer, 2nd grade teacher.  She was born in Tijeras, NM. Mrs. Capobianco has her BS in Botany, BS in Horticulture, and a Minor in Fiction Writing.  Her hobbies include reading, writing, computer gaming, crafting, gardening, baking, and crochet. She loves roses, wildflowers, Mitsuya Cider hard candy, dark chocolate, sushi, rosé or sparkling wines, and ciders.